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Effects of Heavy Metal

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The effects of Heavy Metal

Music is a part of anyones life, it can be anything between Country to hardcore trance. For my dissertation i shall be talking about the genre that h as wen shadowed as "evil". The myth is if you listen to heavy metal or even any sub genre that falls under heavy metal then   you will do bad things or have a bad attitude.

Bad messages or 'subliminal' messages
Unfortunately this is true in most cases, but most music has a bad message on it like rap and hip hop for instance. As for subliminal messages, this is a grey area for most music, but heavy metal music gets slammed
For example an Ozzy Osbourne's Suicide solution got him in a lot of trouble. The song is about the dangers of alcohol. "Ozzy Claims he wrote it after Bon Scott, the lead singer for AC/DC, died as a result of a drinking binge. The word "Solution" is meant as a mixture, meaning a drink containing alcohol. Many people interpreted Ozzy's use of "Solution" as the answer to a problem."
The lyrics are "Get the shot Glass. Shoot, shoot, shoot" He claims that he has been sued around 25 times for that song. Apperently some of listeners think he says "Get the gun. Shoot, shoot, shoot"
Subliminal messages in other songs
These weren't so controversial but you can hear these messages a lot more i think
The first one you have probably heard before its Hit Me Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
The original lyrics are "When im not with you I loose my mind, give me a sign" and in revers its "Ah Sleep WIth me im not too young"
The second is Band on the run - Paul McCartney the lyrics are "Band on the run, band on the run. And the jailer man and sailer sam, Where searching every one" backwards you can hear "Marijuana, marijuana. The law, law will banish us"

Four years later Paul McCartney was banished from entering Japan again after an ounce of marijuana was found in his luggage in the 70's.

Emotional Response
While a number of researchers have associated heavy metal...


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