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Food for Hungry North Korean Children

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I read the news that South Korea has authorised private shipments of food for hungry North Korean children, an official said Monday, the latest aid packages to be approved since Seoul eased its policy last week. Ingredients for porridge and baby formula worth 176 million won ($161,734) will be sent to orphanages and day care centres in the northeastern and midwestern provinces, said the unification ministry.
Chun Hae-Sung, spokesman for the ministry, which must by law authorise cross-border contacts, said the two separate aid packages -- from World Vision and the Join Together Society -- would be sent by road or sea after April 20.
I suppose baby formula would be considerably less likely to be diverted to North Korean military bases or to China to sell for cash. But I think we have to always careful about helping north korea because we helped them before mant times but we give only bomb attack from them. if we can't confirm how to use this support, I think we don't need to help them.
In my case I worked 2years miritary service and I saw a lot of people starved and died. but Kim jung-il never concerned about that. he only was interested his power and greed.
I'm all for food aid if it will actually get to the starving people, but I'm not in a mood to feed the North Korean military or line the coffers of Pyongyang's elite in the process. Especially when it appears "Plan B" (a tough approach to North Korea that Obama of all people seems to be implementing) finally seems to be undermining the regime.


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