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Should Parents Choose the Gender of Their Offspring?

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Nowadays, technology is more and more developed leading to the fact that parents can choose gender of their offspring. However, in my opinion, they should not do that because of some following reasons. Firstly, selecting gender may cause sexual imbalance. In fact, almost all the couple who come to this modern technology with dream of having a son. This condition is especially popular in the developing and under- developing countries which still exist the preferring male society. A close example about it is that the birth rate of male and female in Vietnam is 110 men/100 women (from VN express Magazine). Besides, it is said that sexual selection interferes with nature, then the babies should be natural themselves with whatever gender they are. Secondly, the price for choosing gender of a baby is very high so it is absolutely done in rich countries. In poor countries, only the wealthy families can afford it. As the research of some scientists the cost of it in the U.S is up to about $ 18,000 and about $ 40,000 in India. Finally, those whose opinion would assert that choosing gender can help the baby to avoid some diseases but is it perfective way? In fact, these cases are quite rare and it is only actually useful for the infertile couples. Therefore, if parents can have healthy children, they do not need to use this method to select their babies’ gender.   All in all, I propose that parents should not select their baby’s gender, they should respect the God present they have.


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