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The Knight: perfect and genteel man…loved truth, chivalry, freedom, and honor..distin-
Guished. Never boasted or bored listeners.

The Squire: candidate for knighthood….ladies’ man..proud of his appearance…sings, composes melodies, writes poetry, and rides with distinction…son of knight.

The Yeoman:   servant to knight and squire..dressed in green..expert woodsman and excellent shot with bow and arrow….humble

The Prioress/Nun:   Madame Eglantine…never cursed…fashionable, well-educated…spoke affected French…coy and delicate…good table manners and courteous and amiable…could not stand pain or to see an animal in distress…had 3 small dogs. Dressed neatly…wore gold pin..

The Monk:   from the monastery..owned several horses with expensive equipment…loved hunting, fine food and fine life..dressed well, fat , jolly, bald…shunned the quiet life of a ‘real’ monk in a monastery.

The Friar:   wanton merry man who got girls in trouble by seducing with little trinkets; then helped them find husbands…with confessions, took money from ‘sinners.’ Knew inns and taverns better than sickhouses. Named Hubert…

The Merchant:   member of rich and powerful rising middle class…shrewd..knows good bargains…looks solemn and impressive but lives in debt.

The Oxford Cleric:   student at Oxford…very studious…thin, rode thin horse..wore threadbare clothes…Quiet, but spoke with dignity and moral virtue.

The Sergeant of the Law:   able attorney who could recall every judgment and its grammatical correctness…made much money with high fees…leads people to think he is busier and wiser than actually is.

The Franklin: large landowner with amount of wealth..not of noble birth…spent money freely, enjoying good food and wine and company..house always open…generous and well-liked.

The Guildsmen:   (haberdasher, carpenter, weaver, carpet-maker, dyer )…each dressed in the manner of his calling…impressed with his membership in the guild..they had...


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