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Stanhope and Raleigh's Relationship - Journeys End

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Sherriff presents Stanhope’s and Raleigh’s relationship as closer mates than he has done in previous parts of the play. Stanhope is portrayed as someone who is very shook up and is loosing his mind and we can see what war as done to this Captain. In the last scene Stanhope changes when he realises Raleigh has been badly hit. Raleigh is seen as a character with strong courage and is loyal to his duty. He blames himself for being hit and we can see his decency and sense of duty, which causes us to admire him. Stanhope begins to shout, ‘Yes! Down here – quickly’ which suggests he is anxious and is worried about his close friend Raleigh and makes the audience think that there is another side to Stanhope and he still loves Raleigh. Stanhope starts ‘fumbling’ around the dug out which suggests he is in a state of panic or frightened and this adds to the new side of Stanhope as he really does care about Raleigh. We now see through Stanhopes hard outside and drunken self and see the friendship being reastablished.   Sherriff creates lots of Pathos throughout the last scene. The friendship that Stanhope and Raleigh once shared is re-established at such a tragic time and this is powerfully ironic as its too late as the audience know they are doomed. Pathos created in this part makes the audience feel extremely sad, as they know Raleigh is done for. Raleigh starts to realise something is up and starts asking questions. Raleigh begins to say, “It-it hasn’t gone through, has it? It only just hit me? – and knocked me down?”. This creates so much pathos as we know and Stanhope knows, that Raleigh is never going to walk again. The 3 questions in rapid succession conveys Raleigh’s dawning realisation that something is wrong. Stanhope tries to comfort him and says, “It’s only gone through a bit, Jimmy.” This makes me feel a little bit of admiration for Stanhope as he has to be strong for Raleigh and doesn’t want him to be upset as he knows that Raleigh wont be able to fight again. He...


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