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By the late 1800's Britain was losing its lead in the economic world, Developing countries such as United States and Germany were taking good market shares away from Britain. With that done how would Britain be able to keep up with the fast changing world? Many thought that the answer rested in imperialism or by gaining colonies for economic, political, or militaristic benefit. Britain used its colonies for new markets and resources. Soon countries such as France, Japan, and the United States began to increase in colonies of their own. Europeans felt that they had an obligation to bring their, so-called, "superior" culture to their colonies. One of the first targets of imperialism was Africa because countries in Africa were very poor in technology, power, and organizing skills. The "scramble for Africa" began when Henry Stanley claimed the Congo River Valley for Belgium. France then claimed Algeria and built the Suez Canal, but did'nt have the money to pay for it, so the British were able to take control of that easily and parts of Egypt. By then Cecil Rhodes, became rich from the Kimberly diamond fields, which produced 90% of the world's diamonds at the time. By the early 1900's most of Africa was taken by European colonist. Like Africa, colonists also soon dominated South Asia. India was soon called "The Jewel in the Crown" by Britain. It supplied many valuable spices and raw materials. While that was happening conflicts grew in China, which refused access to foreigners. However, Britain made a large profit by smuggling addictive opium into China, which sparked the "opium wars," China would lose.


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