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Human Genome Project

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The Human Genome Project

The HGP is basically a 13 – year project that was sponsored by the United States Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health to decode the more than 25,000 genes in a person’s body to make these discovered patterns ready for future biological studies. The project started on 1983 where LLNA(Los Alamos National Laboratory) and LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory begin with the production of DNA clones of single chromosomes that allowed scientists to separately observe different genetic make – up that consist of one chromosome. Due to this promising start, different companies, private and public started funding these different projects to name a few we have genetic mapping of the human genome, the human genome initiative that was given $5M dollars as a start. Laws were also passed to protect rising issues when it comes to privacy, ethical issues and the like such as the Genetic Privacy Act that regulated collection, analysis of DNA from people to safeguard the growing concern of the people belittling human dignity being equated to being an animal. Though progress was present during the first decade of the human genome project such as finding 30,000 markers per each chromosomes and development of technologies to make it easier for genetic mapping major developments had started on the year 1999 where the chromosome 22 was completely sequenced then further development occurred until finally in the year 2003 the HGP was declared as complete. Further sequencing had been done and so far as of 2008 HGP had already sequenced more than 23 chromosomes.
The major goals the project aims for are: a.) to all completely map the human DNA b.)   to store garnered information to a database c.)   to use information for the improvement of tools of analyses of human studies d.) to transfer project to the private sector and e.) to address pressing concerns that may and will arise from the project. The very principle that these different...


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