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Duddy's Materialistic Obsession

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In The Apprenticeship o Duddy Kravitz, Duudy understands that every man should pursue his dreams. His grandfather tells him “ a man without land is nothing”, and Duddy is prepared to buy the land of his dreams, even from when he was in his early teens his conscience began to divide into opposite ends. Duddy believes that nothing can get in his way, and stops at nothing to get the land around Lac St. Pierre including, lying and cheating to innocent people, using his friends, and persuading kids to do deeds for his own benefit.

The moment that Duddy established his first company, Dudly Kane Enterprises, it could be seen that Duddy was willing to do anything to get money.

He knew that the movie John Friar made was a piece of crap, and it was going to be hard to sell it if he showed Mr. Cohen the film, before he put a payment on it.

“Duddy didn’t say a word through the screening, but afterwards he was sick to his stomach.” (Page 170)

“ Jeez. I could sell Mr. Cohen a dead horse easier than this pile of -.” (Page 170)

So, in order to sell the movie he had to lie Mr. Cohen, and make him put a down payment on the film.

“ I suppose what you expected was an ordinary movie with shots of all the relatives and friends… well, you know what I mean. But Mr. Friar is an artist. His creation is something else entirely.” (Page 171)

Duddy went to an all time low when he began to use and cheat his friends.

Since Duddy was a minor, he couldn’t claim the land after he bought it, so Yvette would get the money from him and buy it and put it under her name.

He also cheated Virgil and stole from him. When Duddy went to New York he met Virgil, and he told him that he would pay $100 for every pinball machine h would bring over the border. Well when Virgil came, Duddy didn’t have the money, he told Virgil to wait. He sold some of the pinball machines, and owed him so Duddy made him a deal.

“Look, Virgie, I owe you a thousand bucks. Right?Right.” “Duddy,” Yvette...


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