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The Taste of Melon

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The Taste of Melon
In the short story, “The taste of melon”, by Borden Deal, the author demonstrates the importance of understanding someone else’s point of view and should understand more closely to everyone’s perspective, just like Mr. Will’s and the community’s perspective in the story. In the introduction of this short story it starts by talking about a farmer named Mr. Will. He is the best farmer in the community. He has a wife and a daughter named Willadean Wills, The narrator had interest in Willadean when he moved into the community. The narrator has once said, “Then there was Willadean Will. I hadn’t been much interested in girls before. But I had to admit to myself that I was interested in Willadean.” He and his friends also talked about how she weirdly she walks, but the narrator said he actually liked it. As the narrator tells the story, he was only six-teen and it happened on a summer day, when he just moved and he and his friends, Freddy Gray and J.D   were only his best friends when he moved, but his friend’s fathers all work as a farmer instead of the narrator’s father named Sam, who instead works in town. This makes a small distance between their friendships. As the story goes on, Mr. Will grows the prettiest and biggest watermelons. In the community’s perspectives they always thought that that melon would never be shared throughout the whole neighborhood, they would think that because Mr. Will was fiercer about his melons than anything else. He would not let anything cross the fences and he would always have his gun loaded with buckshot around him. During that summer when the narrator was 16, Mr. Will grew the biggest melons ever seen, three times bigger than any other melons. He grew it right in the middle of the whole patch. Even men from miles away came to have a look at the melon, but Mr. Will would not let then pass the fences to look at them, they had to look at the very edge of the fence. During that time, Mr. Will’s wife was also in a...


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