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: Ancient Greece

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World History: Ancient Greece Resumes
The Olympics:
  * Origin: Several myths explain their origin:
      * Achilles organized them as part of the funeral of his friend, Patroclus.
      * Zeus made them to celebrate his victory in a fight he gad with Cronous.
  * Location: The Olympics took place in Olympia
  * The Athlets:
      * Free born Greeks
      * Separated in divisions (Boys and Men)
      * Women weren’t allowed in the games
      * They trained for 10 months
      * They go to the Zeus Temple to swear they had trained  
      * Prizes:
        * Invitation to the parties
        * Wreath of leaves
        * A statue of himself in Olympia
        * The best seats in theaters
        * Chance to marry a rich women
  * Marathon:
      * Persians had invaded the city of Marathon.
      * Phiddipides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens.
      * He alarmed Athenians about the attack and died, exhausted.
      * The Marathon commemorated the endurance of Greeks.
  * Women:
      * Married women not allowed to compete
      * Special games for them
  * Judges
      * People from Elis
      * About 10 of them
      * If they cheat they would receive a punishment (pay money to construct Zeus statues and also they will be expelled from the competition)
  * 776 BC First Olimpycs


  * Geography: were called the Pelopennesious
      * South-central region of Greece
  * Education:
      * Boys: went to the military school at 7
      * Girls: same training but less rigorous
  * What did they learn?
      * Steal food, read, write, fight, use weapons.
      * Obey without question.
      * Endure pain without complaining.
  * During training:
      * They had to walk barefoot.
      * Use simple clothes.
      * Eat black broth.
      * Sleep on hard beds.
      * Do exercises every day.
      * Forbidden to get drunk.
  * Society:
      * Equals
        *   Land divided equally between...


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