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Analysis on Web-Based Autonomous English Learning

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Analysis on Web-based Autonomous English Learning

I. Introduction
  With the development of social economy, the network has brought us a new concept of English teaching, shorten the distance in time and space; people in anywhere can understand the latest development condition. Network provides students with a variety of choices, and students can make use of network resources according to their own needs. In recent years, the enrollment scale of college expands unceasingly, the number of students in colleges and universities are increasingly, while the rapid increase of college English teachers are relatively shorten. Thanks to the lack of relation between teachers and students, the duties of students’ autonomous English learning are in urgency.
  Traditional English teaching mode pays attention to one-way input, students have few reports, in reverse, the teacher input information automatically.
  The development of network technology provides powerful conditions and support for students’ autonomous learning ability. Teachers should take full advantage of the network resources, enrich classroom teaching and arouse students’ enthusiasm for studying. Also, teachers can use existing channels and ways, such as E-mail QQ, such as MSN chat tools to effectively communicate with the students. The students can fully utilize the spare time, study English independently and effectively, so as to better communicate with the world.
II. The concept and characteristics of on-line autonomous English learning
  On-line autonomous English learning can be defined as a kind of behavior that one can manage their English learning under network environment with independent way , or ability. Self learning is: “Learners don't depend on the teachers to learn ", “a study of the students themselves”. On-line autonomous English learning is a new kind of language accompanied by English teaching learning. Learners can establish learning objectives, making a study plan, using their own...


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