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Net Trouble

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I have an upcoming project titled Global Warming. I need to submit a 700 word essay on the topic. Ideally one would refer to a couple of books on the issue.. turn over pages scouring the debates of hundred and ten people.. ask your teachers, professors, uncles, aunts, dad, mom, friends, etc.. about their opinion of the topic.. or least ask them about the reference books available on the topic.. the best one that is around.. scour through some of them and then some more and then some more.. until you are ready with what you think can be put together in one single piece and make a 700-word essay to present it to your teacher as your project work... phew!! so much work..

That is where the internet comes into foray and shows you the magic world of search engines and the likes.. oh what a creation.. go to one of those search engines.. type in the key words... tap.. tap.. tap.. and couple of clicks.. and voila! right in front of you on your lovely computer screen there shines a hundred and ten site leading to the key words you have typed in.. oh how your fingers dance to an unheard tune.. you would really love to click all the shown sites at one go.. but well you know you cannot so you go one by one till you find the right one for you.. ah such bliss!!

So here I was trying to find an essay titled global warming.. googled it.. had never seen so many sites dedicated to one single topic.. nice.. i'm loving it!! :)   I try to chart out the really good ones before clicking them.. and yeah I get to see real good essays that definitely would have made my project look great and made my teachers proud of me! I was looking for an essay of 700+ words.. clicked on one of those sites .. I started reading one of them.. really like it.. and half way through the page I was asked to join the site to see the entire essay!! So, okay i joined the site.. even then they would not show me the entire essay because they keep asking me to upgrade my site..


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