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Its difficult to size the people that are important in my life , I've met hundreds of people throughout my life that have either been of small importance or have made an imprint in my life. However, the person who has made the biggest impact on my life, is my Father. He is my rock, the person that has gotten me through everything and someone I will always look up to and strive to be.
My father grew up in a small town, San Saba, Texas. He had one of those hard; rough childhoods. I'd say when he was around like 9 or 10 is when he started working with my grandfather and my dads three brothers. Picking pecans from sunrise till sunset. Working hard everyday. I asked him once why he didn't play football or anything like that and he said “because grandpa just wanted us to work”. My dad has five siblings so I can see why it was so important for them to work there tails off all day. This is kind of how my dads life has been since. Today he works his butt off at work, always giving 100% or as he says 110%. He began his work when he was about 20 I would say and has been working there since he is about 44 today and still works just as hard as he did back then, and because of that hard work he has moved up in his job and has impressed many people. This is the kinda of person I hope to be I look up to him in so many ways very various reasons.
Though I say this now, he wasn't always my favorite person. When I was younger, I lived with my mom( my parents are divorced). I loved staying with her but always dreaded the day when It was my dads turn to have me. The reason for this dreadfulness,   I would get in trouble at my mom's constantly, and she isn't a very strong will person so she didn't exactly know what to do, so the way she dealt with the situation is by calling my dad so he could deal with it. Now my dads a very respectable, and honest man, also very strict. I was grounded for weeks, or months sometimes, and the place for this punishing was at my Dad's house, sometimes...


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