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Abortion and the Risks

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Abortion and the Risks    

    Abortion: a topic most people would rather stay away from. In a research done by the Department of Health And Human Services there’s estimated to be forty two million abortions worldwide yearly(Reardon 1). According to Linda Bird Francke “one third of women who get an abortion in the United States are nineteen years old or younger“ (178) .Incredibly five percent of that is fourteen years old (Francke 178). Unfortunately the number of abortions has been rising up significantly since 1970. The problem today is that a large percent of people look at abortion as a common thing to do. What they are really doing is rejecting a new life into the world. In my contention abortion should be banned, also the risks that come with it are severe.    

        There are so many risks involved in abortions. The chances of bleeding to death isn’t worth taking. One of the most common affects of abortion is inflammation of the cervix. inflammation of the cervix can cause Pelvic Inflammatory   Disease and lead to cervical cancer. In a paper written by Jody Morse she says “Its estimated that about three thousand woman die each year in the United States from cervical cancer”(Morse 2) and that was 20 years ago. You also have a thirty-six per chance of becoming infertile or have problems conceiving (Morse 2). Imagine the pain of not being able to get pregnant, not knowing how it feels to be a mother.   It would be an extremely painful process.                                                
When you do decide to get pregnant there’s plenty of risks, due to the abortion a person had before. According to Jody Morse “ Some of the things you may be faced with if you decide to get pregnant after an abortion include premature births, an increased chance to have a miscarriage, low infant birth weight, and even infant death” (2). For example I have a personal friend who earlier in life prevenient to her marriage, decided to get an abortion. After her marriage...


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