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Effects of Abortion.

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Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am Mustapha A. Yunusa. The topic of my presentation today is the effects of abortion. I will be talking on so many things. Firstly, the outcome of terminating the pregnancy in relation to the unborn, secondly, the health of the mother and finally I will be talking on the danger it poise on the economy.

First reason, by washing away the foetus from the womb of the mother, the child is killed. The child is by doing so, deprived of the chance of making it to the world. That is why in most developing countries, single parents are encouraged to lie to bed the child and then take him to orphanage. In the United States today, abortion is homicide murder.

That is it for the first point and we will head next to the second view which is about the health of the mother. Also, in the process of abortion, the mother risks the chance of coming out alive. The complications involved in the process are so hazardous that they are made to sign an undertaking before further processions. Again, with more advanced gestation, there’s a higher risk of uterine perforation. Unsafe abortions carries high risk of maternal death with an estimate of 367 per 100,000; that is 70,000 women worldwide die in the process every year as described by The World Health Organization (WHO).
That’s all for the second point and finally, the effects of abortion to national economy. The economy of the society suffers a lot the consequences of abortion. As the cumulative number of abortion rise, so too is the impact on the economy will increase. Supply will outgo demand since fewer consumers will be available for the goods produced. The labour force will have a huge blow as able workers will go extinct, making the economy to deteriorate. According to statistics, estimates of 200,000 abortions were marked around 1978-1999 in New Zealand. The missing consumers means fewer sales in the market for goods and services offered throughout 22 years. Thus, a decline in labour force...


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