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Human Being

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Human Being of the Earth   Minimize

Human being of the Earth, listen: Times and times follow endlessly upon each other and become eons, eternity and ALL-GREAT-TIME. All of these never have any similarity in themselves and with each other, as always and in each duration of time, as well as in each blink of an eye they differ, are contrary, opposed and of a different kind. All have their own cause and bring about their own effect totally according to the Creational Law of causality that determines that each cause brings about a definite effect and therefore, each effect is based on a definite cause through which everything is always rounded in itself and the circle closes.
The legitimacy of causality has its validity as well in universal consciousness as also in all material and immaterial forms of the universe; for the dry land and water, for the winds and air, the fire and gases and also for all life that walks, swims, crawls and flies. Integrated therein as well is the earthen world and the human being who lives therein, as also the times that pass over the planet change everything, and the human being as all other life-forms becomes and passes away.

Times change and new times appear and old times disappear because progress never stands still and therefore constantly demands tribute to speed up renewal, progress and evolution. The human being especially shapes the forms that result and fulfil themselves and take place in all chapters of time. These are the forms created out of life, environment, evolution and humaneness, the forms of love, sympathy, of peace, freedom and harmony as well as joy, happiness and harmoniousness. But these are also the forms of hate, war, murder, joylessness, bondage, imbalance, insensibility as well as disharmony, destruction and annihilation. So there are times of peace in which happiness, love, freedom, peace and splendour blossom and in which the sky radiates in full beauty and there are times in which murder and...


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