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The Senventies Fashion Trends

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The wild Spandex-Laden Seventies
The 1970's were a time of disenchantment and difficulty for the American people between the Vietnam War, Watergate, Three Mile Island and the Oil Shock. Society became increasingly decadent, and as is explain in the article by The American Cultural History, "Drugs, sex, disco and pure indulgence was born out of the difficulties of the 1970's" (Gillis). Americans went into a depression after the Vietnam war, and the Watergate and the Cold War in the early 1970s damaged their faith in the government and their leaders. Many Americans were losing their faith in the American Dream, their society and their future. Due to the fact that the economy was at an all time low, increases in unemployment meant less money there for the "American Dream" and it was becoming harder and harder to reach and obtain, making the public fear and angry.
Some of the major events during the 1970's revolve around different aspects of social life, from the government to the music industry. Many of this events will be forever remember and mark in the history of the United States because of it's importance and contribution to different trends. In a study of the 1970's by Kashmira Lad, she gives a summary of what were the most impact events of that decade, a couple of this events regarding government concerns are "First a Vice President and then a President  resigned under threat of impeachment; Women, minorities, and  gays increasingly demanded full legal equality and privileges in society; the proportion of women in state legislatures tripled" (kashmira). When it comes to technology, one of the biggest marks of the decade was the floppy disc. Also, the next year Intel introduced the microprocessor, the "computer on a chip." Unmanned space probes explored the moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Venus.  The U.S. Apollo 18 and the USSR's Soyuz 19 linked up in space to conduct joint experiments. Atari produced the first low-priced integrated circuit TV games,...


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