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Management Information Systems

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Running head: Information Management System

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Information system in Management

      According to O'Brien, the concept of Information management system relates to the understanding and definition of various components of the system itself. These components include information, the system and its environment. Information can be defined as an increment in knowledge which contributes to the general framework of concepts and facts already known. Information systems use data stored in computer databases to provide required information.

      A database is an organized collection of interrelated data reflecting a major aspect of a firm’s activities, with data being defined as is the raw facts that cannot be used in making decisions in an organization. Information systems rely on procedures for collecting, storing, manipulating, and accessing data in order to obtain information (Mehta, 2008). A system can be defined as a set of interrelated components, with a clearly defined boundary, working together to achieve a common set of objectives.

      Systems consist of functions such as capturing and assembling elements that that are used for processing by the system, processing of data and giving output of the processed data to their end user. The product given out is the information needed for decision making. A good example of how this works into an organization is in pay-roll systems where data comprises of number of hours worked, overtime and leaves. The data is then processed through additions or deductions (calculations) to prepare pay slips (information). The system concept becomes even more useful by including feedback and control. A system with feedback and control functions is sometimes called a cybernetic system, that is, a self-monitoring, self-regulating system.

      Thus an information system(IS) an organized set of   hardware (physical...


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