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Conforming for Solutions

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Conforming for Solutions
Red checkered skirts and button up sweaters are typically associated with Catholic school since the beginning of time, but the question of whether school uniforms should be implemented in all American school is a popular subject matter. Today in a world of economic failure and the rising pressure to fit a single stereotype, school uniforms are the perfect way to solve these ongoing problems. Uniforms limit the cost of clothing, bullying, and inappropriate outfits are never a problem. Uniforms will make for a more business like school day and help prep the youth of America for life as an adult.
Any adult who walked into any public school of America today would be stunned by the types of clothes students wear: booty shorts, tank tops, and skirts short enough to be mistaken as napkins. The dress code is enforced once every three years, and the lack of consistency makes it simple for students to bend the guidelines, but uniforms would create a consistent guideline in the public schools of America. The consistency of uniforms would require an exact ensemble every day that would be impossible to get around. Most schools who require uniforms also apply strict punishments if the dress code is broken. This mandatory policy would not only create a more business like school career, but also prepare students for the real world, where laws cannot be broken. Students would learn from an early age the importance of dressing appropriately and following rules.
In low income communities buying clothes has a great impact on family’s budgets. Uniforms would cut the cost of clothing in half, at the least. No student would ever need more than five uniforms where, in comparison to a non-uniformed school, the same shirt cannot be worn more than once a month, to avoid being made fun of. School uniforms would also eliminate bullying. A boy or girl will no longer feel pressured to buy expensive clothes to fit in, the entire student body will be wearing the same,...


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