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Crime as a Social Fenomenon in the Light of Marxist Understanding

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The crime or exactly the criminal, according to Marx, was a stimulating subject for the development of productive forces and, simultaneously, a hero transgressor of bourgeois legal order. The Marxist approach could be cynical and offensive, especially to the hundreds of thousands of victims of violence. But we should not forget that Marx, in addition to a critic of capitalism, was a narrator of his reality. A narrator, romantic, that is, always attentive to modern drama.

Karl Marx interpreted the role of the criminal as an active element in the rational societies. The criminal activity is a force that regulates the societies, which affects many areas of life, of which Marx emphasizes the role of the criminal in the economy according in the connection between crime and wider society .

On the texts of Marx, the reader can recognize and think about that brings the crime to the society, particularly what means crime for the production that exists inside the society. Metaphorically criminal is a type of motor for the creation of several partition of the society. Probably without the work of criminal the society would be depressed into a monotony, for which, according to Marx, the bourgeoisie would enjoy of excessive good monotony.

Crime is a real phenomenon, timeless, and learned ethically like something negative and evil, but paradoxically it favors the production of a list of needs with which the man lives and has reached the point of dependence to live. Marx said that the criminal not only produces crimes, because seen in a profitable way, thanks to crime and from the crime, the criminal covers an important role in the production of criminal law and of teaches who are responsible of teaching it, and goods on criminal law the teachers launched on the market. In society there is police thanks to the crime, even the concept of justice becomes logic meaningful sense with the crime,...


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