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Proper Steps to Exercise

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Tyler Wall


Process Analysis

How to Properly Exercise

When the word exercise or workout is used the first thing that comes to mind is that actual activity that you must do, but what is often forgotten is the prior and post training that is just as vital. Many of these small steps are overlooked in the process of exercising. The average Joe would not even realize that they are missing most of these steps in their daily routine. To ensure that you are getting the most out of every exercise it is crucial to do the following steps: Eating healthy, Warming Up, Stretching, Exercising, Cooling Down, Stretching, and finishing off the exercise with a healthy meal. If you follow these steps I can ensure you that you will see progress and prevent many injuries.

      Before even getting dressed in your athletic attire you should start with the fuel that you put in your body. Prior to the work out you should try to eat simple carbohydrates such as multigrain bread along with some sort of protein. The carbohydrates will give you the energy in the beginning of the exercise. Try to avoid any food that is greasy or that contains any simple sugars or high fructose corn syrup.Once the carbs are expended the protein takes longer to digest so it will sustain your body’s needs during the workout. Eating the proper foods is key, but you must remember to not over indulge. Over indulging will weigh you down and can even result to projectile vomiting.

After you have the right fuel in your body you can finally take the first actual step towards the workout. When you wake up on a cold morning many people go outside to start there car 10 minutes before they are ready to leave so it warms up. This is to not only make the inside of the car warm but also to let the engine heat up. Starting a cold engine and flooring the gas pedal immediately can result in damage. The same can be said about your body. If you exercise is going to be running then you should not just leave...


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