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Julio Mejia
11-21-10 2nd period
Wizardry and Witchcraft

In this novel The Crucible   written by Arthur Miller he compares this point in American history to the Red Scare in the Nineteen-fifty’s. This is important because of the fact that people were being accused when they’re was no evidence to convict them. This story is carried on by a young girl named Abigail who sentences many people to their death. This is caused because of the loveless affair between her and John Proctor. Although this may sound simple it end’s up being a lot more than it should have been.

    During this time in Salem many people did not respect woman as we do these days, this may have been one of the reasons for the mass hysteria and the girl’s going a long with it. At this time these girls could have been making up the hysteria just to try and get more attention or just to be noticed by everybody in the village. Abigail however used this to gain power of the city for example “ be careful of what you say the devil may reside in anyone(103).” This just shows how much power she has to say that to a church official and get away with it.

    Although Abigail may seem very smart, she has an obsession with the man named John Proctor. This is seen throughout the novel. Although she may love him he does not have the same feelings for her. This is shown when Proctor says “ I would rather cut off my hand than touch you.(63)” When he says this it is because he is trying to tell her to leave him alone, but it gives her a new idea and that is to target Elizabeth as a worshiper of the devil. Manny people decide to go along with this mass hysteria due to facts like these with many people being accused just because of the fact that someone had something against them. During this whole thing Abigail waits plotting her plan to accuse John’s wife and her plan back fired and John was accused.

  In many ways people may say that Abigail is a young confused girl, but throughout this...


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