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Examination Pros and Cons

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Examination pros and cons


An exam is an official test of knowledge. We have exams everywhere around the world. Youngs and adults can have exams; there is no particular age to have exams.

Exams value our memories and our skills and ability to understand what we are studying. They make us prepare before hand and also force us to be specific and focused, as time is limited in most exams. Examinations test a student's knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. For most people, exams may encourage them to work and learn. Sometimes with exams, it can create competition, which pushes the competitioners to do their best. Hence, it helps in developing one’s own personality and confidence.

Examination phobia has resulted in stress & sleepless nights. This is because there is too much pressure from their parents and teachers. Performance may hinder their true ability due to stress & working under pressure. For those students who have got bad result will affect their future. For some, it can change their character or lead to suicide. But most lose confidence in them.

In view of above all, it is felt that examinations need reforms from the certain evils connected with present system. Knowledge gained by cramming and tested by theoretical examinations is unsound and superficial. A scientific shape is required to be given to the system of examination. The objective type of test papers being introduced in some of the examinations are the right steps in this direction. In this way, most of the course material is covered and tested. It tests the basic understanding of the students about a specific subject and real progress of students is judged and measured.


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