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Global Warming

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global warming is the increase in the average measured temperature of the earths near surface air and ocean since the mid twenthyth century and the projected continuation the ipcc opines that most of the observed in globally averaged temperature is due to the manmade green house concentrations through an enhanced green house effect. ipcc indicates that the global surface temperature is likely to to rise a further 1.1 degree to 6.4 degree during the 21 st c entuary.increasing global temperature cause sea level to rise   an increase in   the intensity of extreme weather events significant changes to the amount and pattern of precipitatiopn.change in agricultural yields.glacier retreat,species extinction and increase in the range of disease vectors. most national govt. rastified the kyoto protocol but action should be taken to reduce or reverse future warming or to adapt to its expected sequences.cause-rise in global food price: there has a global spurt in the price of food grains. the short fall in food grain is not due to drough. it is due to the diversion of huge tracts of farm land for bio fuel production. then there is a climatic change caused by global warming and its cascading effects. the international food policy research institute in washington estimates that convertion of land for bio fuel production accounts for a quarter a third in increase in global commodity prices.remedies: by conducting proper study abought the problem is the main thing, the scientista all over the world contucts researches to the pproblem.


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