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Wild European Rabbits

Rabbits were once used for trading. They were a source of fur and meat but when they escaped they successfully reproduced and became a very common animal.
Even though there are many species of rabbits they all originated from Spain. Then they eventually adapt to their new homes. A rabbit has many ways to adapt for example a rabbit’s fur and their habits. They can be many different colors all depending on the location of where they live and the season it is.
When you scare a rabbit they always freeze, they do this to hide from predators. They are usually successful with the help of their fur, but if not they hop away in a very unique way. when they hop they zigzag for it is harder for the predator to chase them.
These habits are not always enough. There are many things that limit their population growth. We are on of those factors.   People everyday hunt rabbits for entertainment or sport and it helps control the population. when the population grows too big many rabbits starve because there is only so much vegetation to go around.
If u look at the first generation of rabbits and the ones from today you would notice a difference in their genes. That is caused by natural selection. Their surroundings change and that means their phenotype and genotype will too. if it gets colder the rabbits with the thicker fur will most likely survive and reproduce successfully, that is why there are so many kinds of rabbits.
Rabbits have caused a lot of damaged to their ecosystem. they eat more than most animals which means there is not always enough for the rest of the animals and they starve. when rabbits eat all of the vegetation, or most of it, it makes erosion easier and all of the fertile soil blows away. Making it hard for new vegetation to grow.
The other organisms   will eventually be able to live with a small amount of food or they may start to become more territorial over their home, food and land and hopefully successfully reproduce.


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