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My Life

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A day that turned out just the opposite from what I was expected was the day I got jumped because I was gay. It was on Valentine’s Day it was a windy and calm day outside it just seemed like a regular day. Shonterra was my date and I suppose to buy her some Chinese food. Ceona had already had her food, so we were just waiting on Shonterra and mine. By the time we started walking it started to get dark, so we still continued to the Chinese Joint. We took the back street where the road was dark, long, and had little lighting. We made it to get the food and started to walk towards the barbershop with the food in our hands. We all noticed there were three boys just standing there looking at us. One of the boys asked me to come here, so I told Ceona and Shonterra to continue walking. I started not to walk up to him and stay with Ceona and Shonterra but I changed my mind. I walked up to the tallest one and he asked me was I gay. I looked at him with a puzzled look upon my face and replied I don’t know you so I’m not answering that question and walked away. While I was walking I felt a hard hit against my right cheek. I turned around to hit back and I got one good hit off of him. Next, I just felt my body hit the ground and felt kicks and punches against my arm, back, and side. Just when I thought everything was lost Ceona and Shonterra came speeding down the street to join the fight, but by then the three boys ran away. Shonterra and Ceona helped me up and asked was I okay. I felt blood running down my arm, but I didn’t know where it was coming from when I looked at my pants I had blood on them. I started breathing real hard and pasting back and forth and wondering what happened. We went back to the Chinese Joint to get my food replaced or either get my money back. We went into the Chinese Joint and told them what had happened and they told me I couldn’t get my money back or the food. So Ceona called her mother and told her what happened and she came up there in a...


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