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The phrase global warming refers to the documented historical warming of the Earth's surface based upon worldwide temperature records that have been maintained by humans since the 1880s. The term global warming is often used synonymously with the term climate change, but the two terms have distinct meanings. Global warming is the combined result of anthropogenic (human-caused) emissions of greenhouse gases and changes in solar irradiance, while climate change refers to any change in the state of the climate that can be identified by changes in the average and/or the variability of its properties (e.g., temperature, precipitation), and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer.


All of our lives we have known that oxygen and air are the most precious resources to human beings. Human beings can survive for weeks or even months without food and for days without water. However a few minutes without air threatens our whole life. Today in the year 2050 air pollution is all around us and it continues to disturb the balance of nature and keeps on destroying the ecology of the world. We have endured many changes and adaptations. For how many years will we keep the planet earth going at this rate of pollution? We still don't have an answer to this question.
This problem began during the Industrial Revolution where changed agricultural and industrial practices created new chemical compositions (oil, coal, gas, carbon dioxide) and added gases that absorbed infrared radiation and were released into the atmosphere. As a result, the earth's atmosphere kept on changing and the temperature of the planet kept on rising and now the global warming factor has no solution. Because of that the greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) increased, resulting in the depletion of the ozone layer.
Due to these changes we can see significant regional variations around the earth. The sea level increased because of glacial melting. As a...


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