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Confederation New Brunswick

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B”H New Brunswick:   journey to Confederation

      I think that my colony of New Brunswick should join in Confederation with the other colonies of BNA. If we join Confederation we will actually have an army that will be able to defend us from the Fenians and the USA. Also if we join Confederation we will be able to address our needs for a better transportation system. Finally, if we join confederation, our economy will improve. The prospect of Confederation gives New Brunswick many exciting possibilities to explore.
      Firstly, in a Confederation we will have a better ability to form our own army.   Once the British soldiers leave, we will not be able to defend ourselves. We will need to join Confederation right away as we are very worried that the USA will invade New Brunswick as a revenge because we supported Britain in the south civil war. We also need an army because we share huge borders with the USA. It is very difficult to defend big borders, especially when you don’t really have an army.   If we join Confederation, we will be able to send troops to protect the borders from invasions. The biggest advantage will be that if we start war with the USA or a different country, other colonies will send us troops to help us fight. Being part of a country, we would never be alone in times of trouble. As you can see we will have a lot of defensive advantages if we join Confederation.
Our colony will have many economical advantages and few disadvantages if we join Confederation. We do not have enough manufactured resources to be self-sufficient. If we join Confederation we will be able to trade our resources, especially lumber, to other colonies and exchange them for the things we need. Lumber and potatoes are our most valuable resources because 90% of our land is a forest. We need to get special tools and machines that will help us make good use of our agricultural potential. We have a great agricultural potential because more than half of our land is suitable...


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