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Gilgamesh 2

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Christopher Stowe
Music 109-Friday
May 4, 2011
Concert Report
I went to the Mesa Applied Music Recital in room C-119.   There I heard some opera singers, wood winds, and brass players.   I’m glad that the concert was free because quite honestly I didn’t care for much of the playing.   However there were some pieces that I did like.   I definitely enjoyed the fact that there was a fellow saxophone player.   As well as Mr. Guernsey who played his trumpet with fearless integrity.
The concert consisted of several vocalists that ranged from great to mediocre.   Joshua Smitley was the only person there that was playing saxophone and he performed very well.   I was impressed with the strength of his playing capacity, cause he play for roughly ten minutes straight.   There were six different piano players.   John Myers on trombone and Miss Katrina Schnorr on clarinet.  
One of the pieces that they played was titled “come away, death”.   It was performed by Woan-Rong Winterling on the piano and Joshua Tucker on vocals.   The whole time I was listening to this piece the only thing that I could think about was for death to hurry up and come sooner rather than later.   The singer stood before us all like a statue and sang like a mono-toned robot.   The piece had a sad tone color about it and the tempo was slow and boring.   While I was listening to the performance the person next to me was sleeping, that pretty much sums up the song.  
One of the other songs performed however was a trumpet concerto-3rd movement written by Johan Nepomuk Hummel and it was performed by John Guernsey on trumpet and Betsy Frater on piano.   This song was filled with life and energy and helped to wake me up after having heard all the dull opera singing.   The tempo was upbeat, peppy and energetic.   The tone color of the song was bright and cheerful.   This guy really knew how to play the trumpet. His articulation was phenomenal, it almost appeared to be flawless.   He used just about every level of...


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