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Better Ice Melting Soulution for Salt Beet the Ice by Andy and Gilad

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      The purpose of our experiment was that we wanted to find a better ice melting solution other than salt. Salt is very bad for the environment and that is why we wanted to find out a better solution. The procedure was pretty simple. We got our information by researching on the internet and by reading books. We made a chart for all the solutions for each solution we filled in the economic social and environmental impact. We chose our best solution based on the data from the chart.   While we were searching for other solutions we found really interesting solutions. The solutions were: CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), CMA 40 and later on we found out about Beet Juice. CMA has no bad environmental impact but it is very expensive. Then we found out CMA 40, a blend of salt and CMA. It has the same ice melting results as salt and it also decreases the bad environmental impacts that salt has. But CMA 40 is more expensive than using salt. After reading about CMA 40 we found out about beet juice. Beet juice has been introduced in the last few years. It is just a bit less expensive than CMA 40.   It is presently known that Beet juice has very little bad environmental impact and it is according to our cost/ benefit analysis the most effective solution out of all of these solutions.

Problem: Purpose

      We decided to research the possible solutions for melting ice. The solutions we decided to research are: the current ice melting solution called salt (sodium chloride), calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), a mixture of these two solutions called CMA 40 and in the end we also discovered another solution called beet juice mixed with salt. Beet juice is made of 80% salt water 5% Calcium Chloride and 15% beet juice.

      The current solution that most of Canada and the USA use right now to melt icy roads is salt. Although salt does its job fairly well and it is very cheap, it still has a lot of downsides to it. Salt causes corrosion on...


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