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Superpower Essay

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“Superpower essay”
The superpower that I would want to have would be being able to transport to different
places by just thinking about being in that place. The reason I would want this power would be
to travel to places for free, being able to people out when they are in trouble ,making less
pollution, and   to get myself out of trouble. This would save me money, yet it would allow me to
make money at the same time, and it would let me do my good deed for society.
If I could teleport to places by just thinking about it I would be able to travel around the
world and see every country. This way I would be saving money because i wouldn’t have to
spend money on gas or on plane tickets to travel. If I wanted I would be able to go to the moon
safely and bring back samples for people to study more, without anyone risking their lives.   I
could also make money this way by teleporting people to their destination of choice faster then
they could get there flying.
The evil that i would fight would be terrorists and other people that are holding
Innocent people hostage. Being able to transport into building’s and out with the innocent
People before the bad people even knew what was going on, would save lives. Fighting these
People will get bad guys off the street and will make it safer for everybody in the world.
Lastly I would want this superpower because I would be able to leave my house
Whenever I was getting yelled at or am getting in trouble. This would save me a lot of problems.
I would be able to go visit my dad whenever I wanted. Being able to transport is just sweet and i
would be ecstatic if I could do it, because it would freak people out. It would save the world
because it would reduce pollution and release less chemicals into the air.
The reasons as to why I would want to have this power are some pretty legit reasons. It
Would be way more efficient and wouldn’t cause pollution   and I would be saving a lot of
Money. Some more...


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