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Is There a Best Choice?

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We live in a world that is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Surrounded by an overwhelming number of choices available in today’s society, people wind up in paralysis when struggling to make the best possible choice. The problem is, does there exist certain choices that are so life-determining in which we must pour immense energy just for figuring out the best? Or does the so-called “best choice” ever exist?

For some, going to the best university is the only way of being in the track of a successful life. However, a single choice is inconclusive. Life is a continuing and enduring process of accumulation. It’s not the power of a particular choice that can bless or curse one’s entire life. In fact, we obtain what we have been striving for, and lose what we ignored, as we always shall. In the long run, we won’t be denied a bit of what we commit in pursuing, nor will we be able to steal achievement for which we don’t even try. The true accumulation of life never swells or stops, regardless of a good or bad choice being made. Should the most seemingly momentous choice be not at all of life importance, what’s the point of pouring immense energy into making everyday tiny choices, which can give you nothing but a feeling of paralysis?

Moreover, there’s really no such best choice. High degree of education doesn’t guarantee a successful career. A talented person won’t lose his or her talent due to denial of top universities, but shows it elsewhere; professors may not be willing to risk carving out a career for themselves, but feed on given salary meekly. A bless or a curse? Who knows! Good and bad are mutually related as they constantly switch places when viewed in different ways. Best choice in one aspect may be the worst in the other.

As far as I am concerned, a single choice is of neither life-influence nor absolute good; trying to figure out the best choice is neither necessary nor possible. A wise man would settle for something that is good enough, rather...


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