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Should Physical Education Be Compulsory

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Should physical education be compulsory?

Current high school students are becoming fatter, slower, and less
Motivated than students in the past. Young people are being influenced into being more interested in television and the Internet in there spare time instead of physical activity. This is where Physical education becomes very important in schools. Physical education needs to be compulsory for the future citizens of Australia because; the rapid increase of obesity in Australia, and healthy habits for our nation and it influences teens and children to engaged in teamwork and leadership roles, the rapid increase of obesity in Australia, and healthy habits for our nation.

Students learn how to work and interact with others to pursue goals in a way which academic subjects, such as mathematics and science, English and society and environment may not provide. It teaches students how to work in teams and cooperate with other members of society, and giving them a chance to show leadership. Which is extremely important for the future of Australia and its future leaders. Being able to work with others, as a team is a very important aspect in everyday life. It helps people to think of others as much, or more, than themselves. Today some work places are going to the team oriented style of work.   The worker needs to be able to express ideas amongst their teammates and come up with solutions together. If the future adults and leaders of Australia are not capable of working as a team what will happen to our future politician’s and everyday people in the work force?

Physical Education should be a requirement for all Australia students because it teaches healthy habits reducing health risks. Health habits are an aspect that start at an early age and are difficult to change. If Australia doesn’t keep physical education compulsory teenagers exercise habits will drop exceptionally fast, which puts the obesity risk even higher. Not only does physical education teach...


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