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Letter to Editor

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Dear Mr Cherkasky,
I am writing in response to your letter regarding the role of franchises on the small neighborhoods business. I think that we are dealing with important issue hire, where is necessary to analyze both side of the business, their positive and negative impact on the society. In my letter I will try to argue against your arguments, as I believe the truth lies on the opposite side.
Yes, it is true that franchises enable jobs for 5 million people across United States, accounting about one-third of all revenue sales but also deprive huge amount of potential revenue out of small neighbourhoods. Behind every franchise lie huge corporation, which on one side offer benefits such as training, brand image, marketing and reputation, but also in return for that franchisor charge large amount of fees. Besides the original franchise fee, royalties, a percentage of your franchise’s business revenue, will need to be paid to the franchisor each month, with most of the profits going out of the neighborhoods and into the corporation head quarters. Instead of paying the fees to the franchisor, extra money will be invested for business expanding, that will make small business more competitive, but also a bigger and stronger, which will be resulted by employing more people in the local community.
I do not agree with you that franchise is the only way for the young person to find a steady and competitive work during the summer months. In America is already established culture that a young people spend part of summer holyday working, for two main reasons. Firstly, getting the experience by working with people and learn the practical side of business, which they do not have chance to learn in school. The jobs offered by franchises do not develop particular skill set; they are mostly mechanic and working in the dull environment make people unmotivated. Second reason is earning amount of money to support their parents for paying large tuition fees. The well-known fact...


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