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Hinduism Paper

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  HUM 130

    However, the true sense of the Hinduism religion is multiple religions of the Western world. Most of the Indian beliefs stem from Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism that has spiraled into Hinduism, which can be categorized into one culture and tradition.   The start of Hinduism originated in India, with the religion is made-up of the religion in India is known as the Sanatana Dharma its beliefs according to Mary Pat Fisher states are offend translated as “Religion” encompasses duty, natural law, social welfare, ethics, health, and transcendental realization[1] (Fisher,   2005). The Hinduism is a way of life through Dharma, not meaning religion that governs all actions. This type is considering the natural universal of laws who is an observance enables humans to be content and happy from degradation and suffering.
    Though the Dharma the ideal of tolerance to be divine in prevailing ancient culture, with the strengths is too able to unite the diverse and practices of its people whom are absolutely necessary for India in continuing, the government of India has an opposition to other religions and practices. According to Mary Pat Fisher “This would destroy the history of traditions and the beliefs that come under the dogma.”   Under the spirit of tolerance and willingness to understand and appreciate others points of view. The acceptance of this belief that it maybe the cosmic periods of creation and the maintenance in which the dissolution of continuously recur.
    While the conquest of ancient history of the world is an entrance by the Kingdom of God, the faith of one’s self-surrender within the Hinduism.   This is apparent that because of the Western Indologists and scholars that the Hinduism depended on the male brahmins for earlier understanding of the traditions and its culture. Regardless of the environment of the Hindu path in releasing with each element of God within the faith, this is unsubstantial in an abstract...


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