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Denning’s 7 Great Principles

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Denning’s 7 Great Principles – Communication
The computer scientist Peter Denning has suggested seven different aspects of computational thinking which he calls 7 Great Principles. The majority of these principles are manifested into modern-day computing and information technology and provide a good structure for new applications within computing/IT wishing to become successful.
One of these principles is that of communication. This is how we can transmit information between entities reliably, securely and efficiently. The way in which communication is achieved is by using information which can be encoded into messages, these messages are encoded into signals that move through a medium. Communication is used in almost every application within computing and IT, this is partly due to the diversity of communication and how information can be digitally encoded into various types of message. Weather this is sending written data, audio files, pictures or videos information can be encoded, compressed or even hidden in order to communicate.
Over the last 50 years the principle of communication has had many achievements. Inventions such as the mobile phone, fax and email have all required the use of encoded messages from information. In order for these inventions to be successful at communicating reliability, security and efficiency must all be optimized as well. For instance a mobile phone must be able to compute the correct recipient to send data to otherwise the communication would not be reliable. It would also have to take into account the data inputted my the user sending the message (in this case being able to accurately record their voice) again for reliability of the communication. The message would also have to be encoded into signals which could be passed through the air and be re-encoded into the original message for the recipient of the message to be able to hear. This would have to be done almost instantaneously in order to maintain efficiency and the...


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