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Vimy Ridge

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Vimy Ridge
This artifact is a map that illustrates the plan of attack on Vimy Ride. The battle of Vimy Ridge was harsh trench warfare of the Western Front, brought Canada closer to the world stage, and slowly made Canadians gain a reputation as tough and dedicated fighters. It represents the detailed planning and dedication of the Canadian troops, which without it they couldn’t have succeeded. The strategy was the called the “creeping barrage” and it was successful because of detailed planning, and disciple of Canadian soldiers. I chose this artifact because the battle of Vimy Ridge was a major turning point for the Canadian military, as it brought Canada closer to become independent. Also, Arthur Currie became commander of Canadian Corps. For the first time Canada had its own commander and was no longer necessary for British officers to commend Canadian soldiers.

Women on the Home Front
The artifact is a picture of “Rosie the Riveter”. Rosie the Riveter became an inspiration to women who worked in munitions factories everywhere. Women worked in the factories producing aircraft, ammunition, weapons and other goods needed for the war effort, although they weren’t paid as much as men, they still got to do jobs that were done traditionally by men. It represents how women got a step closer to getting treated as equal as men, and it gave women a chance to show what they were capable of doing. I chose this for the time capsule because it signifies how women worked hard to prove themselves, and without their contribution the war might have been weakened.
The artifact is a picture of the NATO flag. Canadian diplomats proposed an alliance of democratic nations in the North Atlantic region. Soon, the United States, France, and eight other nations signed a treaty in 1949. NATO represents a pact to create an organization for mutual defence, and was originally intended to stop the Soviet Union from taking over Western Europe. I chose this for the time capsule...


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