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Bb for Blackberry

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i'm talking about the blackberry, the cell phone that has remarkably spread all over the world though it's not that CHEAP ! but to my surprise, it wasn't only the late teen ages & 20 year olds being fascinated by it, we can find 10 year old as well as 30+ year olds having BBs.
so let's see what is it that makes the BlackBerry stand out.. well of course, we have the BBM - BlackBerry Messenger, the service that is making -almost- all BB users absent minded. sometimes BB users would BBM each other when they 're not even more than a couple of meters away!! & if u rgoing out having dinner with a lot of your friends, most of which have BBs, i can assure you they 'll be BBM-ing across the same table, now i feel sorry for the outcast.
i gotta say though that BBM-ing comes in very handy at times,
however you gotta have many friends, or at least some, having BBs cause if you don't then there's no really use of it
so hmm what else?.. there's the internet acess,emails being sent directly to your BB, as well as facebook notifications. oh, have i mentioned you only get such services if you have enough credit?
otherwise, this is all up in the air..
now one last thing before i wrap this up.. the BB COVERS! so there are good ones & the not so good ones. colors varies from the plain simple colors up till the phosphoric glow-in-the-dark ones.
all of that can pass though; i only got an advice for the guys having pink BB covers... LOSE IT! trust me i know what i'm talking about.
so yeah, what do you think? is it really worth all of the drooling over the BB?
oh by the way... i'm a BB user myself


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