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What Causes Global Warming?

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Alex Valchanov                               Global Warming                        

What is global warming?  
Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere.

What causes global warming?  
Many things cause global warming.   One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution.   Electricity causes pollution in many ways, some worse than others.   In most cases, fossil fuels are burned to create electricity.   Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals.   Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum.   Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air, water, and land) are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned.   Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gasses.
We use these sources of energy much more than the sources that give off less pollution.   Petroleum, one of the sources of energy, is used a lot.   It is used for transportation, making electricity, and many other things.   Although this source of energy gives off a lot of pollution, it is used for 38% of the United States’ energy.

Effects of global warming
  1. Spread of disease As northern countries warm, disease carrying insects migrate north, bringing plague and disease with them.
  2. Warmer waters and more hurricanes As the temperature of oceans rises, so will the probability of more frequent and stronger hurricanes.
  3. . Increased probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves Although some areas of Earth will become wetter due to global warming, other areas will suffer serious droughts and heat waves
  4. Polar ice caps melting The ice caps melting will result to 4 major issues:
First, it will raise sea levels.There are 7 million cubic miles is frozen in polar ice caps. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, if all glaciers melted today the seas would rise about 70m. Luckily, that’s not going to happen all in one go! But sea levels will rise.
Second, melting ice caps will throw the global ecosystem out of balance....


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