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Dating Ages

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Dating Ages
“You can’t be with him/her because they are too young.” Many 18 year olds in high school are hearing this by parents, teachers, and sometimes-even friends. However, what is the big deal? They are in high school. Most high school kids want to date inside their school so they can see their boyfriend or girlfriend more often. Mixing under classmen with upper classmen, you are going to get 18 year olds liking 15 or 16 year olds. They do not do it to be “bad”, but because they get to spend time together and get to know each other. I do not see the big deal as long as you are in high school or not having sex. I mean you expect high schools kids not to get some kind of relationship to form between them.
If a 15 year old and an 18 year old have a little relationship in high school, there should be nothing wrong with that. It is a high school fling. Once the 18 year old heads off to college, it is not as if they will stay together anyways. So why tell them no? Why not let them be until after high school.
I understand that the “law” states that at 18 you are now an adult, but are we really? Ooo we can vote and buy cigarettes. However, most of us still live with mommy and daddy, and still get many of our things paid for us. So how can we be considered true adults with the support of our moms and dads? We really truly cannot. Adults are people who can support themselves. They can pay for themselves. They do not depend on mom and dad to pay for the most expensive things in their lives. So, until you are out on your own or paying for all of your own things, you are still technically a child.

Parents and teachers are so quick to jump to conclusions that the 18 year old is going to try stuff with the 15/16 year old. Well that is not the case. There is such a thing as liking someone and wanting to be with someone without wanting to take that extra step. Why blame it all the 18 year old when it could have been the younger person pushing for it. Yes the 18...


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