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Self Reflection 2

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Self Reflection
    Public speaking has always been a little part of my life because of my mom’s occupation. She runs a dance school and also puts on occasional theatrical plays that I sometimes introduce to the auditorium before the play begins. While I wasn’t necessarily scared to speak in front of people, I never quite knew what exactly I had to say in order to get the auditorium intrigued.
This course has helped me to acquire the knowledge I wanted to have so that I can compose better organized speeches which will definitely give me more confidence and assuredness in my future cases of public speaking.
During this course I have learned a lot of things about public speaking, but there was one thing that seemed most interesting to me:
“We “see” a speech more than we “hear” a speech” - is a true statement. The way you control your body always attracts attention in everyday life and it plays a big part in creating the first impression. Body language is important to use in public speaking because it helps your words to express the idea that you are presenting, better. In my opinion, gesticulations and face expressions are the most important features of the body language because they are the ones that people pay attention to more than anything else.
While it is helpful to know the rules and tricks of public speaking, it is also important to know your audience. I’ve found out that knowing who your audience is, helps you better to compose your speeches.
I consider Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech a good example of why knowing your audience is a good thing.   During the period of time when he gave that speech, the black society of the United States were on the verge of turning over the system. They wanted better conditions for themselves and they were willing to fight for it. It seems that Martin L. King knew exactly how they felt and he used that knowledge in his speech. His speaking showed how body language and the tone of voice along with...


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