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Ideal Learning Environment

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The “Ideal” Learning Environment
Upon reading A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give, I felt that there was much to disagree on.   The experience of attending school in the U.S. might change if this speech was to be given each school year but would this change, in fact, be for the best?   There is no doubt that many public school faculty members approve of this type of message and it is likely that parents also respond positively.   At this point most would be in favor of delivering this speech to students but a crucial party has been left out of the vote; the students themselves.   What is the general consensus among students regarding the ideal learning environment?   The answer to this question is not easily given; otherwise this speech would be radically different from its published version.  
First and foremost, for a principal to take command of a school requires that person to be well educated, sympathetic, rational, and properly organized.   By giving a first speech regarding the school’s atmosphere it is apparent that this principal has a game plan for his new school.   Considering these modern times I agree with this person’s position concerning classic educational ideology and reform.   In order to work efficiently, it is necessary that educators understand how their education system has been developed in the past and where it is going in the future.   This means remembering ethnic controversy in education and building from where it was last resolved.  

Tahir 2
In looking at the principal’s first contention we see that this person is in favor of maintaining one ethnicity within public school walls;   American.   While I do not disagree with the overarching idea, the reasons behind this idea are what I feel is irrational.   We as true Americans must remember our nation’s controversial history regarding ethnic diversity in education.   In the past, schools were segregated based on “race” and minority students had to hide their cultural...


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