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Expository Essay

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Toni Fowler
Ms. James
Period 4
13 March 2008

    Student, a person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in school or college; someone who studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully. Students of this generation tend to have difficulty stepping out of their comfort zones when it comes to accomplishing certain expectations. They even have a hard time processing information being taught to them because of certain disabilities. Instead of giving up and settling for less than perfect, students should strive for excellence, by pushing themselves to do better than they ever imagined. As a student myself, we have to understand that becoming critical thinkers is what makes us stand out from others who are too embarrassed to show their creative side. Therefore, I also correspond with the statement being made about students searching for “outside the box” comparisons when it comes to academics.  
    Participation is a great solution for those students who are too shy to open up and show off their intelligence. Hearing other students talk and express their opinions about the work being taught, will make other kids realize it’s not such a difficult task. They will learn to listen to people’s creative ideas and put it into their own words. Participation also helps kids be involved in small conversations with classmates. This helps them become more relaxed about sharing their opinions with others, instead of keeping it to themselves. As a student gradually becomes comfortable with the class, they will receive feedback and praise, which makes them engage in learning, listening, participation, and thinking creatively without the fear of embarrassment.
    The brain is the center of thought, which creates imagination, and imagination is the best power, to a certain extent. Imagination allows students to leave their comfort zone and enter a new world where anything and everything is possible. It helps them think beyond the obvious assumptions. If you...


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