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Why Sex Still Being a Taboo

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Why sex still being a taboo in our society?
A taboo is a moral or cautionary restriction placed upon certain actions; which if ignored will result in a specific negative consequence.   It is something that is not generally talked about, a topic that makes people uncomfortable like sex, death or cancer. A taboo is normally viewed forbidden by society, and is rarely talked about openly.   All of them will bring a conversation to a dead stop if someone bring them up because these are all things most do not want to talk about it.
Our lives are conducted by the rules of our society established through years and generations. Such rules determine what is acceptable and what is not to everyone. Through unwritten, these are well known by everyone. Society is not very explicit about what is considers inappropriate, but everyone has to know it.   Society can consider that rules are like the laws of life. If anyone broke one of those laws of society, that person will become an immoral, an embarrassment or just someone who do not have respect and will be contemptuous by the rest of the society. Society has as base the moral values, but more important, the religion. Those two things have an important position, however, are important determinations. Because of all the restrictions that society has, it has created some taboos.

There are many forbidden topics in society, but one, as the past of the years, still being a taboo, even some said that it is not anymore, is sex. This is a topic that still can not be talked openly without someone get surprised, or feel a kind of embarrassment about the topic. So many things have evolved about sex, but it still being a taboo in our society.
Some said that sex topic is not forbidden anymore but there exists many questions that if you can answer you can conclude that like members of a society we still have a certain respect to the topic, in other words, we do not dare to talk about it. Some of those particular questions are given...


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