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The Art of War

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Both Machiavelli and Sun Tzu created two great pieces of literature. Machiavelli’s work had to do with the power of the government using the “fear method” opposed to the respect method, and Sun Tzu created a thirteen chapter Chinese military treatise, which included many military fighting tactics.

      Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469. As a young boy Machiavelli studied and admired ancient Rome and the acts of ancient Roman rulers. He wrote “The Prince” in 1513.   After discovering the advantages of fraud and brutality, Machiavelli wrote about using fear and brute force against the enemy, and even his own people in any situation. He stood strong against mercenaries because of their lack of loyalty.   Machiavelli stated “you should rather be feared than loved.” Not only did Machiavelli write about brute force, he wrote about his belief in a wise prince that could properly defend his city and have enough supplies to withstand any siege. Machiavelli also believed that some people place a high value on the pursuit of honor, glory and power. Machiavelli’s work was used over the years of many rulers and dictators and is even used as a reference for modern day leaders.

      In the 6th century BC, Sun Tzu wrote “The Art of War” which consisted of Chinese military tactics which focused on combat. There were thirteen chapters which included laying plans, waging war, attack by stratagem, tactical dispositions, energy, weak and strong points, maneuvering, variation in tactics, the army in the march, terrain, the nine situations, the attack by fire, and lastly, the use of spies.
The “Art of War” is one of the oldest military strategy books in the world and it is considered one of the greatest of all time. Sun Tzu recognized the importance of position and military strategy and dwelled upon the skills that he had been taught. However, some people believe that the book contradicts itself by stating two strategies which “collide.”

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