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How to Do the Text Analysis

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The Plan of the Analysis of the Text

    I. Introduction of the text:
      • The title of the text is…
      • It’s an extract from the book … by …
      • The text is presented in the form of :
            - a dialogue
            - a narration (a 3rd person narration/a 1st person narration)
            - a description
            - a narration with the elements of description/a narration interlaced (interwoven, intermingled) with a dialogue/a description/the inner monologue of the leading (main) character, etc.

      • The text is about = the extract under consideration tells us about = the present story tells the tragedy of…
      • The basic theme of the text is traveling/education, etc.
      • The main idea (gist, the main line of thought) of the text is …/the main idea can be formulated /stated as follows…
      • introduce the main characters, say, where the action takes place, retell the text (if it is a dialogue, retell it in indirect speech).

    II. Lexico-Grammatical Analysis of the Text
  - read the passage, containing the words under analysis, translate the passage;
    - read the sentence, containing the word under analysis, point out this word.

  1. Grammatical Characteristics of Words
      (define, what part of speech the word belongs to)
        • If it is a verb, say whether it is:
            - transitive/intransitive
            - regular/irregular (enumerate its forms)
            - in what tense form it is used in the sentence
        • If it is a noun :
            - countable/uncountable
            - concrete/abstract
            - comment on the use of articles and prepositions, if necessary.
        • If it is an adjective :
            - the structure (monosyllabic/disyllabic/ polysyllabic)
            - the way of forming the degrees of comparison (analytically, synthetically, irregularly),
            - enumerate the degrees of comparison of the word under analysis
            - say in...


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