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Private or Public Education

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Private or public education- discuss

There is no doubt that one of the most influential factor representing our identity is education. We live in a democratic world and as Alexis de Tocqueville once said,
“a well educated populace is essential to democracy”. A country is not able to exist without erudite people who do not let to cheat themselves by the cunning government, who are familiar with the procedures and able to read complicated documents, who know exactly what are their desires and participate consciously in a political life. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to choose the type of education which will not disappoint us due to the level, the staff or the whole organization. Of course, higher education should be available to everybody regardless   of social status and many other aspects. However, private education may not be the perfect example of   such a school, but can guarantee their students considerably higher comfort such as   more qualified staff, more practical lessons as well as better overall conditions.
Renny Hartman in his article Free public education? claims that   citizens should have right to choose what they want and suggests sending their children to private   schools. He confirms us in the conviction that the quality of education in private schools is much more effective. We can deduce this from his statement that the children who attend public schools are often provided with private lessons at homes. So that, he strongly believes that private schools assure us highly qualified teachers. On the other hand, public schools, as he states, are obsolete. The superior of private schools over public may have their basis in payments which teachers of   both get. Obviously, private schools provide their teachers with better salary which motivate them to do their best on the lessons and consequently, they seems to be aware of the most effective methodological techniques and fulfill their duties conscientiously. Thanks to their work, students do...


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