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Another Example of Racism

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Another example of racism in the novel is when Big Ma took Stacey, TJ and Cassie to Strawberry. While at Strawberry, Big Ma tells the children to stay here she is coming back. Stacey and Cassie knew that they had to listen to Big Ma but TJ convinced Stacey to come with him and when Stacey went with him, Cassie decided to follow. TJ took them to the Barnett store. Mr. Barnett begins taking care of TJ until a white lady comes in the store and says “Mr. Barnett, you waiting on anybody just know?” Mr. Barnett turns around and says “Just them.”   The lady hands Mr. Barnett a long list, longer then TJ’s own and Mr. Barnett immediately went to go help her. He didn’t even say anything to Cassie, Stacey or TJ. Cassie then starts to ask “What’s he doing?”   Stacey told her to hush. TJ acted like nothing happened. When Mr. Barnett was done with the lady, he came back to helping TJ. Then Mr. Barnett wife called, “Jim Lee, these folks needing help over here and I got my hands full.” Mr. Barnett walked away as if he wasn’t helping TJ already. Cassie asked “where he going?” “He’ll be back,” said TJ.
After waiting so long for Mr. Barnett, Stacey told Cassie lets go. While walking out the store, Cassie saw Mr. Barnett helping a white girl. Cassie felt bad. She decided to remind Mr. Barnett about TJ. She went up to him politely and said “Uh … ‘scuse me, Mr. Barnett, I think you forgot, but you was waiting on us ‘fore you was waiting on this girl here, and we been waiting a good while now for you to get back.”   The girl gave Cassie a strange look and Mr. Barnett didn’t look up as if he didn’t hear what Cassie said. Cassie tugged on Mr. Barnett shirt and he looked as if someone had struck him. Cassie noticing his face said “Y-you was helping us.” “Well, you just get your little black self back over there and wait some more.” Mr. Barnett said. Cassie told him that it wasent fair and how he have no right. Mr. Barnett then asked “Who little nigger is this!” “I aint nobody’s little...


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