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Science on the Understanding of Smoking in Rural Areas

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2A/2B Human Biology task 3 STAWA Practical

Part A

In 2000 39% of all deaths in Australia were attributed to cardiovascular disease compare this percentage in figure 1.1. Suggest two reasons why they are different?
As years progressed from 1996 when cardiovascular deaths were at 42% to 2000 where deaths are now at 39% the reasons why this statistic has dropped is due to;
  1. There is more awareness of the cardiovascular disease through the media.
We are aware what causes the disease through, smoking, cancer, inactivity and diabetes.
  2. Due to the awareness of the disease we are able to stop the spread and perform procedures that prevent many dying from this disease.

Compare the categories in figure 1.2 with the CVD list in the first paragraph of the background information. Account for the differences?
55% of deaths were due to coronary heart disease, which is a disease of blood vessels supplying the heart muscle. 24% of deaths were due to strokes also known medically as cerebrovascular disease, which is a disease of blood vessels supplying the brain.
12% other including deep vein thrombosis, peripheral arterial disease and congenital heart disease.

Figure 1.3 refers to coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. What conditions fall into the following two categories of disease?
CD: 165-1970 was the highest amount of deaths in males and females
CHD: 1968 was the highest death rate for men and women

What year had the highest male mortality rate?

What years showed the greatest decease in males for CHD?

1976-69 showed a significant increase in the number of all categories. Suggest how this could be a result of data collection rather than a change in the risk factors?
This result could have been caused by, where the data was collected from, most likely coming from a poor socio-economic area, where lack...


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