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Classroom Activities

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The class room activities are of utmost importance. Because these provide the students the opportunities to learn in a better way and their learning is long-lasting. Some of the classroom activities are:

Oral Practice:

Children are very much amused by singing chorus, speaking loudly and making noise. So to satisfy their this desire they should be groped and asked to sing or speak loudly abut among their course. This way they can learn a lot.

Loud Reading:

Small children like to sing loudly in a chorus. So the whole class in the leadership of a bright student must be asked for reading. Before individual reading, collective loud reading helps in improving pronunciation, intonation, stress, pause etc. this could also serve as a competition among the whole class.

Spelling Games
Correct spellings are very important. But to remember the spellings is uninteresting job. By innovating spelling games, teacher can create interest for spelling learning and remembering.   These are:

• Making words from letters
• Forming new words by changing places
• Missing letters
• Forming meaning word


The students are all the time active and participating in class activities. To keep them active, asking questions is a very good technique.

Good Questions

The question should be good. The good question is always to the point, clear and has no ambiguity. It should be interesting and motivating.  


Dictation is very important activity. It involves at least three activities i.e. remembering, listening and recalling. In beginning dictation should the part of the daily class routine. In higher classes like IX and X, it should be done twice a week.


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